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Donovan Mitchell says he and Rudy Gobert have “moved on”

Mitchell claims he and Rudy have moved on, and are “ready to hoop”

Utah Jazz v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

In today’s edition of random Instagram Live interviews, Donovan Mitchell hopped on with rapper Fat Joe, and gave us the closest thing to an answer on he and Rudy Gobert’s relationship that we’ve gotten so far from him.

It was a little akward with how it was brought up by Fat Joe, but when asked about the situation, Donovan Mitchell’s response was simple and straight forward. “We’ve moved on, I’m ready to hoop”.

This comes five days after Rudy Gobert went live on his own Instagram, and was joined by Taylor Rooks, where Gobert also shared a similar sentiment of “moving on” with basketball.

Through these two random Instagram Live sessions, it appears Rudy and Donovan are both ready to put this behind them and make it about basketball going forward. Here’s to hoping that happens sooner than later.