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Mike Conley has returned to the bubble

After returning to his family for the birth of his third son, Mike Conley is back with the Jazz in Orlando

Dallas Mavericks v Utah Jazz Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Just two days ago, Mike Conley left the Orlando bubble to attend to his wife Mary who was giving birth to their third son, Elijah. According to the Conley’s all went well with the birth, and mom and baby are doing great, which is awesome news. Mike was able to spend a few days at least with his new son, and there was some speculation as to when he might return to the bubble to resume play in the NBA playoffs with the Utah Jazz.

Reports came out this morning that Mike Conley had already returned to the bubble today, and that he was waiting for review and approval from the NBA to be cleared back to basketball activity.

Once Conley’s return is approved by the NBA’s committee, he will self-quarantine for three days according to policy. That would put his return to play just ahead of game three on Friday against the Nuggets.

The Jazz were close enough to snag a win without Conley in game one, but it took a herculean effort from Donovan Mitchell who scored a playoff franchise record 57 points. It’s quite impossible to ask that much from the young superstar in every game, so Mike Conley’s presence is much needed. Conley’s 56 games of playoff experience will no-doubt help the Jazz grind out wins in a series that they are already down 0-1, with game two coming tomorrow afternoon. If all goes according to plan, Conley will return for game three hopefully with the series tied after tomorrow’s game.

Most importantly, congrats to the Conley family on another beautiful addition to their home. These guys make some good looking babies.

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