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Deron Williams to fight on Jake Paul-Tommy Fury undercard

The former Jazz man will enter the boxing ring in December against a currently undetermined opponent.

Utah Jazz v Miami Heat Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

In what has got to be one of the more random basketball news stories in the last little while, Deron Williams is making his boxing debut on December 18th against an undetermined opponent. The fight will be part of the Jake Paul-Tommy Fury undercard.

Deron Williams vs Frank Gore in the boxing ring is just so random, but actually pretty cool. Frank is built like a tank, but Deron does have a few inches on him.

Over the years and especially since retiring from the NBA, D-Will has been heavily involved in the MMA scene, training in and actually owning a part of a Dallas’ Fortis MMA.

Williams got a solid endorsement from retired UFC fighter Rashad Coulter a few years back.

“Deron can scrap bro!”

I don’t get into boxing too much, but I’m very intrigued by this D-Will fight. It’s been a couple years since we’ve seen D-Will in action on the basketball floor, and it’ll be fun to see what he’s been working on and how good of a fighter he is. I have to believe Jerry Sloan is kinda cracking up over this in heaven.

Deron Williams isn’t the first Jazz man to step in the ring. Well, sort of.