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Jazz sign forward Ersan Ilyasova

Length, shooting, and veteran experience added to Utah’s roster for the second half of the season

Utah Jazz v Milwaukee Bucks

There has been some speculation lately that the Jazz would be active during the midseason buyout markets and free agency period, and those rumors came to fruition this afternoon.

Ilyasova’s a veteran in this league, with 12 years of NBA experience under his belt. He brings some added depth, length, and shooting to an already super deep Jazz squad. Ilyasova has 51 playoff games as some experience as well, which will no doubt help the team make a playoff run, even if he’s not on the court a bunch.

Ilyasova will be battling for minutes in this deep Utah Jazz roster, and will most likely be vying for playing time with George Niang, who has actually found a good little role with the Jazz second unit. The real question is, do you think Ersan will forgive Derrick Favors for this?