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Looking at the Utah Jazz season schedule

The Jazz are starting out the season with a big advantage

2021 NBA Playoffs - Utah Jazz v LA Clippers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

The Utah Jazz and NBA announced their schedules today. It’s the first step toward the new season being here. It’s been a whirlwind the last two seasons for the Jazz, and everyone in the league, with a shortened pandemic season followed by a condensed schedule that every team in the league was just trying to survive. This season looks like the first time the season will look “back-to-normal” once again. At least in terms of the dates.

Here’s a look at the Jazz’s schedule for the season:

Utah Jazz PR

At first glance, the schedule starts off nicely for the Jazz. Four of their first five games are against non-playoff teams from last season and six of the first ten. If the Jazz can come out of the gate strong it will do wonders for them. Having a good start out of the gates will help with narratives for the whole season. If the Jazz start slow then it’s easy for them to lose publicity from national publicity. As lame as it is, getting that national respect will help with all-star appearances and all-nba votes.

Speaking of national focus, the Jazz have a nice amount of nationally televised games including 4 TNT games, 9 ESPN games, and 1 game on ABC. This includes the Jazz being featured on Christmas. The Jazz aren’t getting the pampering the Lakers will, but it’s nice to see them rewarded for such a successful season last year.

There are other signs that the Jazz have a really nice schedule. According to Positive Residual, the Jazz have the best easiest schedule in the league next year.

If you go to the site, you can see the Jazz have 10 rest advantage games along with 9 rest disadvantage games. Overall, the Jazz schedule looks great. This is likely why the advanced data rates the Jazz schedule so high.

Obviously, the Jazz have to still play the games but as of right now the Jazz already have a leg up on their competition. Can they take advantage this season?