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Utah Jazz waive Jarrell Brantley

A promising Jazz prospect that didn’t pan out

Utah Jazz v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

The Utah Jazz announced today that they have waived Jarrell Brantley.

It’s a disappointing end for a prospect that checks a lot of boxes for what you want in a prospect. Brantley came to the Jazz as a 2nd round pick and spent a lot of time developing with the Salt Lake City Stars and in the Utah Jazz Summer League. All that development seems to have not worked out with Brantley earning a rotation spot, or solidifying himself as one of the team’s reserves.

Brantley is an interesting prospect because he brings great physical tools and athleticism at the 4-spot. Brantley has a good handle that he combines with great strength and athleticism that he showed off in the G-League. That talent hasn’t really translated to NBA games and the Jazz appear ready to cut their losses and move on to different prospects.

Brantley will very likely garner interest from other NBA teams because he has such impressive tools that need more molding. It’s late in the offseason so it’s not clear if there are teams with a roster spot ready to take him on now, but he will definitely get more chances soon.

It’s a good reminder that making it in the league is hard and time is short. Wherever Brantley goes, hopefully he gets a chance to play and show what he can do. The things he’ll have to do is cut down on the turnovers and become more consistent with his shooting. If he can do those things I can definitely see him find a place in the league.