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Utah Jazz sign Darryl Morsell

After releasing Saben Lee, the Jazz have signed Darryl Morsell, who will likely go to the Stars

Marquette v North Carolina Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz announced they’ve signed Darryl Morsell after releasing Saben Lee.

It looks like Morsell will be waived and play for the Salt Lake City Stars.

Morsell is the perfect type of player to develop with the stars. He was a 5-year college player that played at both Maryland and Marquette and in his final season at Marquette he won Big 10 Defensive Player of the Year.

That’s the type of player you can work with on developing and the perfect way to use the Stars. Morsell may not ever leave the Stars, but if he can develop and become a 3 and D player with his time with the Stars, who knows what he could become.

There are more moves coming and we’ll see what other hard decisions the Jazz make as we get closer to the season.