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Are these the new Utah Jazz jerseys for next season?

It’s leak season for the Utah Jazz re-brand

One of the underlying storylines for this Utah Jazz season has been the upcoming re-brand for the team. The Utah Jazz marketing team has already been using the colors (black, yellow, and white) with their marketing this year on television graphics, tickets, promotional materials and we’ve even seen the Jazz practice facility receive some treatment. Today, there were a series of leaks on social media today for potential Utah Jazz jerseys for next season. It started off with this tweet showing a leak of potential jerseys for other teams.

Here was the leak for the Jazz jersey.

I cannot vouch for the journalistic integrity of skunwong32 but we’re in the All-Star break and in needs of stories so thank you, skunwong32.

At first glance this looks like some sort of mockup of a potential jersey rebrand for the Jazz. It’s pretty simplistic, which is fine, but it’s not clear if this is a finished product.

JazzUniTracker did a mockup of the jersey giving us a potential look at what this grainy, bigfoot-sighting-like footage, might look like in 4K.

It’s a much cleaner look, and I personally wouldn’t mind this look if this was one of the Jazz’s potential jerseys.

Later in the day we got some more leaks from JazzNationNews on twitter.

The source for this was someone sending a DM on Instagram so sprinkle all the salt you have on these images. But these are interesting and look very much like a possible jersey leak, especially the white and yellow version. Interestingly, JazzNationNews sent a follow up tweet clarifying some things.

Like it says in the tweet, these are not 100% confirmed and could very likely go through some changes. Personally, I would love to see the Jazz script font from the Jazz facility incorporated somehow. And since we’re in speculation mode here, I wonder if this has been the rebrand in front of us the entire time.

Maybe that sans serif font will be used on some jerseys and they incorporate the serif scripted font on others? That would be my hope because I think that would look pretty great.

What do you think, Jazz fans? Do you like the potential look?