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Udoka Azubuike suffers ankle injury with Salt Lake City Stars

Another tough injury for Azubuike while playing for the Stars

Salt Lake City Stars v Texas Legends Photo by Jim Cowsert/NBAE via Getty Images

Udoka Azubuike has suffered another ankle injury while playing for the Salt Lake City Stars.

This is the third injury Azubuike has suffered while playing with the Stars. With the Jazz playing in San Antonio today, it appears that DOK will be with the team as they travel to play the San Antonio Spurs and will receive X-Rays there.

It’s got to be frustrating for the second-year center who has shown real improvement this season with the Jazz. All of his injuries recently have been with the Stars. It’s either bad luck or there’s something about playing in the G-League that leads to these injuries for the Jazz’s center.

Whatever the case, the hope is obviously that the injury isn’t serious and that DOK can get back to the floor soon. DOK has had some nice moments this season and had provided some important minutes in the short stints he has played. It’s also not the greatest timing with the playoffs looming. Not having DOK isn’t going to unravel the Jazz in the playoffs but it’s one less option if the Jazz need him.