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It might be the end of Quin Snyder’s tenure as Utah Jazz Head Coach

Philosophical differences are keeping the Snyder and Ainge from coming to a conclusion

San Antonio Spurs v Utah Jazz

According to Adrian Worjanowski, “Utah Jazz coach Quin Snyder’s future remains unclear and a possibility exists that he could decide to end his eight-year tenure with the franchise.

According to Woj the Jazz and Snyder have been having “good faith” discussions about a resolution to keep Snyder, Ryan Smith and Danny Ainge have yet to come to a resolution with the 8-year Jazz coach.

From Woj’s article:

Conversations have largely been centered on philosophical issues and how the sides can work together moving forward with a franchise trying to make the next step in Western Conference contention, sources said.

So the only thing keeping the Jazz and Snyder from coming to a conclusion are philosophical differences. It’s clear that the Jazz have been interested in a conclusion but if the thing that is keeping them apart is their beliefs on how basketball should be played, it’s hard to see a compromise happening.

If we’re being honest, this has been brewing for some time. Has there ever been a coach with more rumors of leaving than Snyder? We’ve heard rumors of him connected with the Lakers, Spurs and Hornets. At some point you have to accept that those rumors are coming from real places.

The other sign of a possible change is the recent exodus of multiple assistant coaches. Last week we saw DeSegana Diop leave the Jazz to coach the Knicks’ G-League team, the Westchester Knicks.

We also saw the Blazers hire assistant Coach Sergi Oliva yesterday.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire and well, this isn’t a good metaphor because all we’re seeing is fire with this one.

The fact is Quin Snyder remained with the Jazz after Dennis Lindsey was demoted last year. My take? To me, it feels like he was given a chance to prove the Jazz’s recent postseason failures were because of Lindsey’s roster decisions, which were truly awful the last 2-3 years, and that this season was his chance to prove it. Instead, the Jazz had a massive, massive failure happen in the playoffs again, worse than when Lindsey was at the helm.

These next few days and the Jazz and Snyder may find a resolution soon, but it certainly feels like moves are happening that will be revealed soon.

The dominoes are about to tip over.