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Trade Rumor: Toronto Raptors showing interest in Rudy Gobert

More trade buzz is out there for Rudy Gobert, this time with the Toronto Raptors

Dallas Mavericks v Utah Jazz - Game Six Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

With the Utah Jazz now a few weeks into the offseason, more and more rumors are picking up. This time it’s a rumor that the Toronto Raptors have interest in a trade for Rudy Gobert.

Here is the note about Gobert from Bagley’s article:

One note on Gobert: The Toronto Raptors are among the teams who would have a degree of interest in trading for him if he’s made available, sources say. Would Brooklyn be interested in Gobert? The Nets would need to include Ben Simmons in almost any trade to satisfy salary requirements.

It’s worth a read because it also confirms that the New York Knicks will pursue a trade for Donovan Mitchell (surprising no one). It also mentions Mitchell Robinson as a potential target for the Jazz if they do indeed trade Rudy Gobert.

Whatever the case may be, there are certainly teams out there willing to go after Gobert and likely think that either their coaching staff or roster, can take better advantage of Gobert’s talent.