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More rumors that Quin Snyder is “likely going to end up leaving” the Utah Jazz

Things are not looking very good between the Jazz and Quin Snyder

Utah Jazz v Dallas Mavericks - Game One Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

More information came out about Quin Snyder leaving the Jazz. Jake Fischer was recently on The Nick Wilson Show in Charlotte. The talk about Quin Snyder starts at the 6:33 mark if you want to listen.

The main takeaway is that Fischer mentions that the Jazz front office did something last offseason, before Danny Ainge joined that Jazz, that made Snyder mad. Since then there has been a disconnect and that continues today.

What could have happened? It certainly seems like the trade from last offseason with the Warriors could have been it. Remember when multiple rumors circulated about Ingles being traded to the Warriors? It later came out, from Tim MacMahon that Snyder had vetoed a trade from the Warriors. My guess is that would be it.

The Jazz eventually moved Ingles around the trade deadline but after he had torn his ACL. We’ll never know what the Jazz could have gotten in the Warriors trade, but it almost certainly was better than Nickeil Alexander-Walker.

There was more information yesterday from Tim MacMahon yesterday on the Hoop Collective with Brian Windhorst. It starts at the 44:00 mark if you want to listen.

MacMahon talks about how the Jazz have legitimately tried to make things work with Snyder, but he also says “at this point, my informed speculation is that Quin Snyder is likely going to end up leaving.”

MacMahon is as plugged in with the Jazz as anyone and his speculation matters. He does mention that the Jazz are interested in bringing Snyder back in a variety of ways like a one-year deal or an extension but that obviously hasn’t happened. They also dive into the Charlotte Hornets opening for a head coach and whether a trade might happen but that it’s not likely. They also mention the recent hip surgery Snyder had and that a very likely scenario is that Snyder takes a year off and, if he goes to another team, it would be after some time to recover and be with family.

This all could end up being much ado about nothing, but at this point we’re seeing rumors almost every day. Something is going on and maybe we’ll find out soon.