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Schedule for Utah Jazz 2022-23 season released

For the first time in a long while, the Jazz will enter the season without Rudy Gobert

2022 NBA Rookie Portraits Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz released the schedule for the 2022-23 season today. You can download the pdf here: 2022-23 Utah Jazz Schedule - List.pdf

This puts us one step closer to the regular season after the massive Rudy Gobert trade and all the rumors surrounding Donovan Mitchell. It’s making for one of the most unpredictable starts to the season in years. Considering how often the Jazz have done the annual “run it back” plan, it’s at the very least interesting to have some question marks as the season begins.

Important Dates/Notes

Opening Night

The regular season begins on Wednesday, October 19th, against the Denver Nuggets. Having a change from Rudy Gobert to Walker Kessler guarding the reigning MVP, Nikola Jokic, is going to be quite the difference this year.

National Games

The Jazz will play in 4 total national games this year, but three of those will be on NBA TV. If we’re talking actual national games, the Jazz have just one TNT game and zero ESPN games. Who do they play on that one TNT game? You probably could have guessed it, the New York Knicks. Is the NBA planning on a certain trade happening? It certainly feels like it. And even if a trade doesn’t happen, seeing the Jazz go up against the team that has been courting Donovan Mitchell for over a year now would be interesting. Will it be an audition for Mitchell? Will it be Mitchell’s first game against his former team? It’s going to be fun!

All-Star Break

Utah may not have an all-star this season, but it doesn’t mean that Jazz fans won’t get see all stars play in Salt Lake City. Utah’s final game before the all-star break will be Wednesday Feb. 15th. And that brings another interesting caveat, will Donovan Mitchell be playing in that game for the Jazz? Against the Jazz? Will we hear boos from the crowd during the game? It has potential to be a crazy night.