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Utah Jazz hire Jeff Hornacek as a consultant to Will Hardy

Hornacek joins Alex Jensen, Lamar Skeeter and Bryan Bailey to support Will Hardy

Houston Rockets v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Soobum Im/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz have hired Jeff Hornacek as a consultant to Will Hardy.

Along with the return of Jeff Hornacek, the Jazz announced their group of assistant coaches including Alex Jensen, Lamar Skeeter, and Bryan Bailey.

The Jazz also announced the rest of their coaching staff. From the Utah Jazz:

The Utah Jazz announced today that Alex Jensen, Lamar Skeeter, and Bryan Bailey will serve as assistant coaches on first-year head coach Will Hardy’s staff with Evan Bradds, Irv Roland, Sean Sheldon, and Jason Terry. Chris Jones and Sanjay Lumpkin will serve as player development coaches. In addition, Jeff Hornacek will rejoin the Jazz as a coaching consultant, and Becca Ward will serve as director of team operations.

It’s an exciting announcement that’s another roadmark as we get closer to training camp.

The return of Hornacek is great for multiple reasons. First, Hornacek is a deserving candidate to support the coaching staff and to consult Hardy. Hornacek was an assistant coach for the Jazz 10 years ago and then coached on multiple staffs across the league, most recently with the Houston Rockets. That experience will be great for the Jazz’s first-year head coach as he establishes himself this season. The other reason? It’s a great move for fans. Jazz fans have been through it this offseason and it’s nice to see a familiar face from the Jazz’s most successful era.

In a way, this is a way to capture the success of the past while building a winning culture for the future.