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Utah Jazz reveal new court for the NBA In-Season Tournament

Purple is (sometimes) back

The NBA's In-Season Tournament this season will feature brightly colored courts for all thirty NBA teams. The Utah Jazz have revealed theirs, an entirely purple court inspired by this season's City Edition uniforms.

Every team's court will feature the In-Season Tournament's trophy both in the center and in both keys. The league is trying to push excitement for the Tournament in its first season.

This will make a massive difference in the viewing experience. One positive is that the bright courts should help make the tournament games feel different from the regular games. There had been some worry that there would be confusion with the In-Season Tournament games also counting as regular season games. With the bright courts, everybody will know immediately that those games are unique.

The In-Season Tournament will begin on November 3rd. Everything Jazz fans need to know about the Tournament can be found here on SLC Dunk. The Jazz will play their first Tournament game in Memphis on November 10th. Utah will then debut the new purple court on November 14th against Portland. Utah's two final group stage tournament games will be on November 17th and 21st, against Phoenix and Los Angeles, respectively. If the Jazz are the top seed in their group after those four group play games, they'll move on to the next stage of the Tournament.

Say what you will about the In-Season Tournament, but there's no question that it's something different for the league. The NBA wants to retain fan's interest during the long season. Maybe this will be the thing to do it.