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Utah Jazz sign Kris Dunn to multi-year deal

The Utah Jazz have found another nice player out of nowhere that will now be a part of the future

Utah Jazz v Orlando Magic Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

Earlier today, Tony Jones and Shams Charania reported that the Utah Jazz had signed Kris Dunn for the rest of the season.

It wasn’t clear if it was a multi-year deal but Jones mentioned that it likely would be.

Later in the day the Utah Jazz confirmed that it would be a multi-year deal but did not release details.

It’s a job well Dunn for the Jazz (I’m sorry) that secures Dunn onto the team for at least the rest of this season and likely the next. Dunn has been a lockdown defender for the Jazz on the perimeter and has shown a continued ability to steal the ball. For example, in 22 minutes per game, he’s averaging 1.6 steals. That defense is something that will be huge for the Jazz’s culture moving forward, a team that in the past had one of the most pathetic perimeter defenses in the league.

But what’s more impressive for Dunn is the offense. Dunn is averaging a career-high in FG%, 3P% (36%!), 2P%, and EFG%. It’s been great to see and it looks like Dunn has found a lot of comfort in different areas of his game with different shots, especially near the basket.

There are other elements of his presence on the team that fit right in with the new-look Jazz. He’s an exuberant guy on the bench and his energy fits right in with a team of players that never quit. In other words, he cares, which was not something we saw from a lot of Jazz players last year, and why so many are gone. Much like what has become a calling card for this team, Dunn plays hard on every possession. Whether he’s coming off the bench or starting, you know that Dunn is going to give everything he has. Likely the reason they have him for next season is it will help future young players the Jazz bring on understand the level of play required to play for this team. Also, Dunn helps you win basketball games.

Finally, it has to be said what a cool story this is. Dunn is coming off two 10-day contracts after spending the season in the G-League. There were no guarantees that any of this would work out for him, or that he’d even get a shot in the NBA again, and he’s made the most of it. It just shows that hard work, perseverance, and a belief in yourself are a recipe for success. Who knows if Dunn felt like he would ever be in the league again, there certainly had to be times when some doubt crept in, but Jazz fans have to be happy he never gave up. Now the Jazz have a legitimate weapon off the bench and a specialist that can come in at any moment and wreak havoc on opposing offenses. What a great story this is!