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Lauri Markkanen will fulfill mandatory service in Finnish military this offseason

Markkanen will take his offseason workouts to another level

Utah Jazz v Sacramento Kings Photo by Loren Elliott/Getty Images

According to Ramona Shelburne, Lauri Markkanen will fullfill his mandatory service in the Finnish Military this offseason.

Shelburne notes that military service for male citizens of Finland is required before the age of 30.

From Shelburne’s article Markkanen talked about it and what it means for him:

“It’s mandatory, we have to do it, but at the same time we take pride in it, too,” said Markkanen, 25. “I think it sets an example to serve. And I’m confident I can do it in a way that it’s not going to affect my preparation for next season, either.”

Shelburne talked about it and mentioned that as soon as April 17th, when the season ends, he could be in basic training.

It’s a unique story and reveals an interesting side to Markkanen, the one where he shows great pride in his country. As was mentioned already, Markkanen will be able to make sure it doesn’t interfere with his preparation for next season. It’s interesting to think about but there might be ways to look at this as something that could help him. Certainly being in basic training means a certain level of fitness and discipline that can only help with the upcoming season.

You can only wish the best for Markkanen as he enters service and that he can come out the other side better than ever.