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Collin Sexton to represent Utah Jazz at 2023 NBA Draft Lottery

Sexton was a big part of last season and, by going to lottery night, shows he’s a big part of the future

Los Angeles Lakers v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz announced that Collin Sexton will be representing the team for NBA Lottery Night.

Sexton mentions that he’ll be bringing some lucky $2 bills and hopefully that’s the difference in this upcoming lottery because this is a big one.

Most seasons there’s at least some debate who should go #1 but in this lottery there’s no question that Victor Wembanyama will be the #1 pick and will come into the league and dominate right away.

In this lottery, the Utah Jazz have the #9 spot and, with the recently updated odds, there’s at least a somewhat realistic chance the Jazz could jump into the top 4. According to, here are the percentage chance to jump and into what position.

To get a top 4 pick: 20.3%

To get the #1 pick: 4.5%

It’s long odds but there’s some chance and even jumping into the top 4 means getting a fantastic player. Scoot Henderson, Brandon Miller, and Amen Thompson are all great consolation prizes for falling short of getting Victor Wembanyama.

The NBA Draft Lottery will be on ESPN on Tuesday, May 16 and will air at 6:30 PM MT.