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Taylor Hendricks, Keyonte George, and Brice Sensabaugh have their jersey numbers

The numbers are interesting with what they might mean with player movement

2023 NBA Draft Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

We now know the jersey numbers for the Utah Jazz’s new draft picks, Taylor Hendricks, Keyonte George, and Brice Sensabaugh. It’s always fun to see what they’ll wear, but there’s some interesting things to consider with each number.

Tayle Hendricks will wear #0

This is an interesting number for Hendricks because of what it might possibly mean for the roster. The last player to wear #0 for the Utah Jazz is currently still technically on the team, Talen Horton-Tucker. THT has a player option for this upcoming season for around $11M. We’ll see if he opts in, but this makes it interesting to see whether he will actually opt-in, or will he be changing numbers? THT wore #5 for the Lakers so he may just switch back to that number. That number is now open with Malik Beasley being traded to the Lakers.

The other interesting thing here is the #00 worn by Jordan Clarkson. I’m not a math major, but I believe the #00 and #0 are technically the same number on a calculator, but I guess they are differentiated for NBA players. This is likely fine since Clarkson and THT were both on the team last year with the combination of #00 and #0.

Notable players that have worn #0 for the Utah Jazz: Olden Polynice and Enes Freedom (Kanter at the time),

Keyonte George will wear #3

Frank Jackson was the most recent player to wear #3 for the Jazz so this number is open. For a player that should knock down a ton of 3s for Utah, this is a fun number to take on. George wore #1 at Baylor so this is a chance for him.

Notable players for the Jazz that have worn #3 include Ricky Rubio, George Hill, Trey Burke, and Bryon Russell.

Brice Sensabaugh will wear #8

The last player to wear #8 for the Jazz was Jarred Vanderbilt which allows this number to be picked.

It’s a number that has some significance for the Jazz as it was worn by Deron Williams, who lead one of the most fun teams since the Stockton and Malone days. Maybe one day this number will be retired as the relationship with Williams has become a good one with the Jazz. Until then it will be open and Sensabaugh has a chance to make it a good one.

Other notable players to wear #8 for the Jazz: Shelvin Mack, Josh Howard, and Randy Foye.