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Utah Jazz announce first preseason game will be in Hawaii with all proceeds going to relief fund

Good job, Jazz!

2023 NBA Summer League - Los Angeles Clippers v Utah Jazz Photo by Candice Ward/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz announced the date of their first preseason game will be on October 8th. Along with the announcement was that it will be played in Oahu, with all proceeds going to the Maui Strong Fund to benefit wildfire relief.

It’s an impressive gesture that will benefit the people of Hawaii that have suffered from the most recent wildfires that have caused so much damage. Preseason games are typically a low-key event that is mostly a chance for coaches to run through the different plays, systems, and lineups. This brings a lot more meaning, which makes it an all-around win for everyone. On top of that, the proceeds will hopefully help people in Hawaii. Good job, Jazz!

The Jazz mentioned that this will also be broadcast on KJZZ TV, something that will be a fantastic option for fans this upcoming season. We’ll see what comes around as far as streaming options, but for now, this is a great option so far.

Get ready, Jazz fans, the season is just around the corner.