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NBA Twitter shocked by Rudy Gobert’s All Star snub

Who knew that coaches were closer to the points per game twitter than analytics twitter?

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven’t been online at all today, you might have missed the All Star reserves announcement. The one in which Rudy Gobert was not a part of. Rudy Gobert—in the midst of his best year as a Jazzman—was suspiciously auspiciously left off the All Star roster. This was a shock because most—if not all—media members had him pegged as an easy pick for the game.

But evidently coaches around the league didn’t think so. Predictably, Jazz twitter went berserk, but so did the Jazz coaching staff and front office. I mean ... just look at this quote from Quin Snyder via Tim MacMahon of

Rudy Gobert should absolutely be an All-Star. He’s one of the most impactful players in the league. This is clear, not subjective, and shows the All-Star system is flawed. We talk about defense being valued, but when we have an opportunity to reward it, we reward scoring again and again. Rudy is the defensive player in the league and an offensive force when you consider his screening, his finishing and the spacing he creates with his presence.”

Meanwhile Dennis Lindsey hasn’t gone on the record yet, but Becky Lindsey his wife gave this observation from her living room:

It appears that Dennis Lindsey has reached “Gordon Hayward chose Boston” levels of frustration. Meanwhile, Utah Jazz President Steve Starks is calling on the league to make it more transparent. Let us know who voted for whom and why.

On a sidenote Becky Lindsey looks like she wants Dennis to vent to someone else.

The other Jazz player up for a possible All-Star selection was Donovan Mitchell. He had this to say about the big fella’s snub.

He mad.

National Media caught off guard

It wasn’t just Jazz players and staff who were pissed. Look beyond and most national media types were left scratching their heads.

It wasn’t just us in Jazzland losing our minds. It was EVERYONE. This whole thing is a bunch of insanity. NBA screwed up and screwed up bad.