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Bay area man who cries after every foul call thinks Gobert shouldn’t cry

Draymond Green—who Tom Izzo once said cries ‘about every call’—hits new low.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Utah Jazz Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Rudy Gobert didn’t make the All Star game. He was pretty upset. That didn’t stop him from having a powerful and emotional press conference. During one of the moments, Rudy Gobert got emotional talking about his mother and her reaction. As the news spread across twitter, we expected idiots to see the powerful 7’2 center crying and take it out of context. Which is why we shouldn’t be surprised that a bay area resident ****-stirrer and beef-holder, Draymond Green, was right there being an ***-hat.

Yes, that’s correct. The dude who cried in his car while calling KD after losing to the Cavaliers evidently has an opinion on Rudy Gobert getting emotional while talking about his mother. The dude who sips rosé in a barbershop has some opinion on what is soft. Tom Izzo even once told him he cried “about every call.”

Immediately the internet—rightfully so—clowned on Draymond.

It takes a small man to try to dunk on an individual in their darkest times because it makes them feel better. Especially when it doesn’t concern them in the slightest. I guess we should applaud Draymond in this scenario because at least he’s not trashing his own teammates and trying to blow up his team because he can’t keep his mouth shut.