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PJ Tucker appears to throws shade in IG Story at Rudy Gobert as Rudy wins DPOY

Rudy Gobert wore an brilliant blue suit to the awards while PJ Tucker sported tacky toxic masculinity.

PJ Tucker’s IG Story

On a night where NBA players are being celebrated for their performances over the past season, PJ Tucker decided it was the perfect time to start a completely ridiculous beef with Rudy Gobert. PJ Tucker posted on his IG Story the following picture while Rudy Gobert won his second straight Defensive Player of the Year trophy.

Yeah, PJ Tucker decided to wear toxic masculinity to an NBA Awards Show. What a guy. In case you’re wondering what PJ Tucker is referring to, it’s when Rudy Gobert cried when not being selected to the NBA All-Star game.

The good news is Rudy Gobert gets to return to Utah with a second DPOY award and a new point guard while PJ Tucker gets to go watch the Houston Rockets implode as a result of Chris Paul and James Harden’s antics.