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NBA Draft 2014: You too can find out what Kevin O'Connor thinks about these players!

No really, all you need is PayPal.

Jonathan Daniel

The Utah Jazz have three picks in the upcoming NBA Draft: #5, #23, and #35. We don't know if the team is going to stay put, or make trades. The rumors right now suggest that we're going to be wheeling and dealing. But before we get to the NBA Draft, which is on Thursday, we still need to figure out who we like, and who we do not like. Some suggest that Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker are franchise saviors. There are a number of talented point guards who can't shoot. And there are a bunch of bigmen who have warts that we may or may not be able to live with. Right now we can't look into the future. But one thing we do know for sure is that Kevin O'Connor has released his 2014 Draft Guide.

If you ever wanted to find out what KOC thinks about the draft, these players, and where they could be good fits all you need to do is click below! I'm not kidding. This hard work by KOC is completely 100% available. You just have to pay whatever you feel like in order to get it. ($5 to know what KOC thinks? A small price to pay.)

Yeah. This actually isn't the work of the Jazz' Exec GM Kevin O'Connor, but the work of full-time NBA Draft researcher Kevin O'Connor, who writes for CelticsBlog, and a few other places. You can read up on this document here, and watch his video preview vids too. He knows his stuff, and for the price of "whatever you want to pay" this is a good value.

You have only a few more hours before the NBA draft. Make it count! Learn how *a* KOC thinks!