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NBA Draft 2014 Rumors: Do the Utah Jazz want it bad enough?

There's one player in this draft class who can change the fate of a franchise: Andrew Wiggins

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft is in two days, and I still haven't packed. Well, my clothes and lap top and stuff. I clearly have a lot of years of being a Utah Jazz fan spurned at the draft baggage all ready to go. From coin flip losses, to losing out despite odds in the lottery, to now the new thing of pining after the player picked directly after our spot . . . the draft hasn't been kind to the Jazz since Frank Layden was the boss, and his son Scott was the main scout.

This past season the Jazz almost equaled a 40 year mark for being horrible on the court. The season was a grind, and the end result was a #5 draft pick for all our collective efforts. The Jazz once again dropped in the lotto. While our team has never gotten a #1 draft pick before, it's possible for this team to move up.

Utah currently have many assets with which to play with. Starting center Derrick Favors, bench bruiser Enes Kanter, swagg-in-a-can combo guard Alec Burks, foreign rights to Ante Tomic and Raul Neto are all talented basketball players ready to produce more than a rookie can right now. Utah also has a ton of draft picks to use as well. If the Jazz want to move up I think they have a good shot at it.

It just depends on how bad do they want it, though.

I will go on the record to suggest that Andrew Wiggins is going to be amazing. He is going to be better than any one single player on our team. Is he going to be better than two of them? Sure. Three or more? I don't know. I don't think any of us think he's worth four rotation players . . .

. . . but evidence suggests that he could be.

The only limit here isn't what the Cleveland Cavaliers will ask, it's what the Jazz will be willing to give up. I think Dennis Lindsey wants to trade up. And I think the Canadian superstar to be is going to be amazing. The limit is going to be what the Jazz higher-ups are going to be willing to part with.

And really, the Jazz should part with whatever they can, in order to get this guy. Not all members of SLC Dunk agree on this point. And many of you readers will not agree either. And that is what the next few hours are going to be about -- trying to figure out the uncertainty of this draft. It seems like only one thing is for certain -- and that is that Andrew Wiggins is going to be a huge star and is the only franchise changing player in this draft.