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NBA Draft 2014: Quick Poll -- After Arron Afflalo trade, which team will get the #1 pick?

Trades, smoke screen, and player assets lead to . . . ?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft is today and trades are happening, but not as quickly as rumors are forming. The Cleveland Cavaliers currently have the #1 draft pick, but appear to be shopping it heavily. Suitors appear out of the woodwork, and rumors have surrounded both the Orlando Magic and the Utah Jazz. In effect, it would appear that the Cavs were playing other teams against one another. The Magic are reported to be trading Arron Afflalo to the Denver Nuggets for Evan Fournier (Rudy Gobert 's real BFF) and the #56 pick of this draft. Afflalo was a major component of the theorized / rumored deals Orlando could make to move up.

If this trade is for reals (and it was reported by Yahoo! Sports' Woj) then does this put the Jazz in the lead to make a move for the #1 pick? Does a third team emerge? Or do the Cavs bite the bullet and pick who they want at #1 and let that settle it?