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NBA Rookie Survey indicates Rodney Hood is pretty versatile, Dante Exum out of sight / out of mind

Surprises abound!

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Rookie survey is out, by John Schumanm over here at The results are, well, interesting. One of the best parts of the day is usually the crazy dunks these young guys do in a relaxed atmosphere. This year the major story was all about the horribly awkward interview Andrew Wiggins had to go though. One thing that happens every year is this rookie survey. The guys who know how to network get peoples' votes. The guys who show up in the 'fun' events show up. And the guys who aren't there are often forgotten. So we get the two poles of popularity here with Dante Exum, away with FIBA obligations, and Rodney Hood who was there and making a good impression on his rookie classmates.


Things Dante got nominations for:

Best Playmaker
Player Tm Vote
1 Tyler Ennis PHX 24.30%
2 Kyle Anderson SAS 18.90%
3 Marcus Smart BOS 13.50%
4 Dante Exum UTA 5.40%
4 Doug McDermott CHI 5.40%
4 Shabazz Napier MIA 5.40%
4 Elfrid Payton ORL 5.40%

Honorable mentions: Jerami Grant (PHI), Zach LaVine (MIN), Jabari Parker (MIL), Nik Stauskas (SAC), T.J. Warren (PHX), and Andrew Wiggins (CLE).

So Dante was mentioned here, and only here. I'm sure he would have gotten more votes (in this section and others) if he was there playing, participating, and joking around with these guys.


Things Rodney got nominations for:

2014-15 ROY
Player Tm Vote
1 Jabari Parker MIL 52.80%
2 Doug McDermott CHI 8.30%
2 Andrew Wiggins CLE 8.30%
4 Shabazz Napier MIA 5.60%
4 Nerlens Noel PHI 5.60%
4 Elfrid Payton ORL 5.60%

Honorable mentions: Aaron Gordon (ORL), Rodney Hood (UTA), Julius Randle (LAL), Marcus Smart (BOS), and T.J. Warren (PHX)

Best Career
Player Tm Vote
1 Jabari Parker MIL 45.80%
2 Doug McDermott CHI 13.50%
3 T.J. Warren PHX 8.10%
4 Zach LaVine MIN 5.40%
4 Andrew Wiggins CLE 5.40%

Honorable mentions: Kyle Anderson (SAS), Cleanthony Early (NYK), Joel Embiid (PHI), Gary Harris (DEN), Rodney Hood (UTA), Mitch McGary (OKC), Johnny O'Bryant (MIL), Noah Vonleh (CHA).

Most Overlooked
Player Tm Vote
1 Kyle Anderson SAS 11.10%
2 Mitch McGary OKC 8.30%
2 Glen Robinson III MIN 8.30%
2 C.J. Wilcox LAC 5.60%
5 Gary Harris DEN 5.60%
5 K.J. McDaniels PHI 5.60%
5 Doug McDermott CHI 5.60%
5 Andrew Wiggins CLE 5.60%
5 James Young BOS 5.60%

Honorable mention: Jordan Adams (MEM), Jordan Clarkson (LAL), Spencer Dinwiddie (DET), Cleanthony Early (NYK), Aaron Gordon (ORL), P.J. Hairston (CHA), Rodney Hood (UTA), Zach LaVine (MIN), Marcus Smart (BOS), Russ Smith (NOP), Jarnell Stokes (MEM), Noah Vonleh (CHA), and T.J. Warren (PHX).

Best Shooter
Player Tm Vote
1 Doug McDermott CHI 39.50%
2 Nik Stauskas SAC 26.30%
3 Joe Harris CLE 13.20%
4 P.J. Hairston LAC 5.30%
4 C.J. Wilcox CHA 5.30%

Honorable Mention: Jordan Adams (MEM), Gary Harris (DEN), Rodney Hood (UTA), and T.J. Warren (PHX).

Player Tm Vote
1 Joel Embiid PHI 20.00%
2 Marcus Smart BOS 14.30%
3 Jerami Grant PHI 11.40%
4 Cleanthony Early NYK 8.60%
4 Adriean Payne ATL 8.60%
6 P.J. Hairston CHA 5.70%
6 Mitch McGary OKC 5.70%

Honorable mentions: Rodney Hood (UTA), Cory Jefferson (BKN), Jordan McRae (PHI), Johnny O'Bryant (MIL), Jabari Parker (MIL), Julius Randle (LAL), Russ Smith (NOP), Jarnell Stokes (MEM), and T.J. Warren (PHX)

So Hood got votes for Rookie of the year, Best career, *and* most overlooked? I guess a part of it was him scoring okay on the funniest player.


The Jazz players did not get any votes for most Athletic, or best Defender. Most of the rookies suggested that the Speed / pace of the game will be the biggest adjustment for them; and Kevin Durant is their favorite player. It should ALSO be noted that Dante was actually in the Top 5 for something; while Rodney was just in the "also getting votes" section. Do you want to be good at a bunch of things, or great at one?

Personally, I think that Dante has the talent to be All-Rookie 1st team, even in this loaded draft. And why not? He was picked #5, and there are five spots. Rodney could have a really good season, but he's going to be behind a bunch of guys at SG/SF/PF that's going to make him have some trouble getting the type of minutes many of these other rooks will be getting. But who knows? He's a Duke guy being coached by another Duke guy. Anything can happen!