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Utah Jazz Locker Clean Out and Important Off-Season Dates

The Season is over, but there's plenty to follow this off-season!

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Today the Utah Jazz have their locker clean out and/or government sponsored media narrative mantra recitation exercise. Listen to it all on the flagship Utah Jazz radio stations (1280 / 97.5). We'll do a live stream of it here, and tomorrow's downbeat will highlight some of the important bits.

But there's more to this off-season than just today. Here are the important events and dates:

N.B. The lottery coin flip date is an estimation based upon last season's date. The last night of the regular season in 2013-14 was April 16, and the coin flip results were out on the 18th. Assuming the same this time around, we should expect the results tomorrow-ish.

Event Date Days Until
1 Utah Jazz Locker Clean Out April 16 2015 0
2 NBA Draft Lottery Coin Flip April 17 2015 1
3 NBA Draft Combine May 16 2015 31
4 NBA Draft Lottery May 19 2015 34
5 NBA Draft June 25 2015 71
6 NBA Free Agency July 1 2015 77
7 Rocky Mountain Revue July 6 2015 82
8 Las Vegas Summer League July 10 2015 86

We'll be covering each event in our customary style, you know, actually being at the important things in person and having our home team knock it out of the park here.

Hope you decide to spend part of your summer with SLC Dunk, we have the most content year round -- because our readers deserve it!


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