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NBA Draft 2015: April Mock Draft -- Minnesota Timberwolves select Karl-Anthony Towns

With the first pick of the 2015 NBA Draft the Minnesota Timberwolves select...

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

With the first pick of the 2015 NBA Draft . . . the Minnesota Timberwolves select Karl-Anthony Towns from the University of Kentucky. And this is a no-brainer. They have the Top Pick, and they need a bigman. And there is no better bigman on the board than Towns. And, also, there is no better player on the board either. This is a long-time coming as the Wolves have had plenty of bad teams, and they've usually gotten screwed in the lotto. In this imaginary setting things work out for them and they have #1. And Towns makes a lot of sense, there was no need to shop this pick - he was their guy. They are set at point guard with Ricky Rubio and Zach LaVine. And at least for the short term their wings are good enough and will improve - Andrew Wiggins, Shabazz Muhammad, Kevin Martin, Chase Budinger, and Gary Neal are all slated to return next season. Things get iffy inside. Nikola Pekovic is big but limited, after injury how great can he be? Gorgui Dieng can be a great defender, but he's never going to be a 7' footer. Anthony Bennett and Adreian Payne could both become rotation stretch bigs, but they just aren't there. With the possible departure of Kevin Garnett this team will need a bigman who can make a difference. Towns has the defensive ability and basketball IQ who may be good enough to coax KG to re-sign with the Wolves to mentor him. Which would be awesome.