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NBA Draft 2015: April Mock Draft -- Houston Rockets select Bobby Portis

With the #18th pick of the 2015 NBA Draft the Houston Rockets select...

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

With the 18th pick of the 2015 NBA Draft . . . the Houston Rockets select Bobby Portis Towns from the University of Arkansas. The Houston Rockets are a powerful club that just need a few more pieces to help solidify their boosters. James Harden is amazing, Dwight Howard can occasionally dominate, and Trevor Ariza is a three and D guy that has won championships before. What they do need is help at point guard and at power forward. With a bunch of points guards available in free agency I expect Daryl Morey to find a big here that meets some of his analytic needs. That player could just be Portis. He's not going to single-handedly replace the efforts of Donatas Motiejunas, Josh Smith, and Terrence Jones (if they all leave in free agency). But he is a smart offensive player with deep range, and is perfect for complimenting their current star players. He could be a rotation guy for them by the end of the season. It would be an interesting pick, for sure.