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NBA Draft 2015: April Mock Draft -- Dallas Mavericks select Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

With the #21st pick of the 2015 NBA Draft the Dallas Mavericks select...

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With the 21st pick of the 2015 NBA Draft . . . the Dallas Mavericks select Rondae Hollis-Jefferson from the University of Arizona. After getting bounce, roughly, in the first round of the NBA Playoffs the Mavericks are almost in that transition stage that the Utah Jazz were in decades ago. Their Championship window is almost completely closed and have a number of free agents to decide upon -- like Tyson Chandler, Rajon Rondo, and all of their forwards not named Dirk Nowitzki or Chandler Parsons. You figure Mark Cuban wants to try for a championship, and with a last 1st rounder you're not usually going to find a difference maker (unless you are Dennis Lindsey). Rondae is the best player available at this part of the draft according to popular convention. He's a three and D guy with a catch, and that catch is that he has no three. He's a good ball handler who is great on defense. While this pick may not be one to help the Mavericks get a title in 2015-16, it may be just the type of player who can develop into someone who gives the Kawhi Leonards and James Hardens of the South West Division trouble over the next decade.