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NBA Draft 2015: April Mock Draft -- Memphis Grizzlies select Justin Anderson

With the #25th pick of the 2015 NBA Draft the Memphis Grizzlies select...

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

With the 25th pick of the 2015 NBA Draft . . . the Memphis Grizzlies select Justin Anderson from the University of Virginia. The Grizzlies are known for their grit and their grind, and Justin is a hand in glove fit. The strong wing player is NBA ready at the physical level. His body is better than a lot of veteran wings out there, and he can get right in your shorts on defense. Chad Ford even suggests that he has the potential to be an "elite defensive player." The college Junior has a 6'11 wingspan for a 6'7 player, Ronnie Brewer -like, and has crazy hops. He doesn't play the passing lanes, but he blocks a lot of shots. Is he a three and D player, though? His shot is improving -- and some scouts feel like it will continue to do so over his first three years in the NBA -- but he is not a very creative offensive player. Some have said he is like Richard Dumas, with the body of Cedric Ceballos. This, I fully well understand, is completely meaningless to the countless people who are reading this site and did not watch basketball during the early 1990s. And you know what? I'm not even going to apologize. You have access to YouTube. Watch some 90s basketball. You'll learn something! And that's what Justin Anderson would do as a member of the Memphis Grizzlies. It's almost unfair to have a guy who is primed to be a great defender go to a team with Tony Allen and company.