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NBA Draft 2015: Consensus Mock Draft Vistualization for 1st round

After the lotto everyone updated their mock drafts. And here's what they look like.

"NBA Draft Green Room on 3!"
"NBA Draft Green Room on 3!"
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The NBA Draft is about five weeks away, and now with the lotto in the rear view mirror it's time to transition from Top 100 or Top 60 big boards to actual mock drafts. Having collected the data and opinions from over 20 big boards and mocks (including: Draft Express - Givony, ESPN - Ford,, USA Today - Bodner, CBS - Vecenie, Parrish, Harper, Sporting News - Deveney, Sports Illustrated - Mannix, HoopsHype, Basketball Insiders - Brigham, Kyler, Kennedy, Hamilton, Sheridan Hoops - Kotoch, Inside Hoops, SB Nation - O'Connor,, Lottery Mafia - Reynolds, Washington Times/Sportsbank -  Banks, Key), I collate the consensus draft position for each player on every big board / mock. Having gotten rid of all the players who did not declare for the draft, and most of the Euros who are still on the fence we have a great idea of what the draft is going to look like. Will the Minnesota Timberwolves pick Karl-Anthony Towns, or Jahlil Okafor? Will the Los Angeles Lakers go for a bigman, or take D'Angelo Russell or Emmanuel Mudiay to shore up their point guard spot? Is there a consensus #5 player in this draft, or could anyone stand to make a name for themselves still in predraft workouts? There's room to grow for most of these 1st round aspirants, but to see where people have them now check out this image below.

     NBA Draft 2015 Concensus Mock Visualization 5 21 2015 - First Round

The red cells are the maximum and minimum values. The yellow cell is their consensus mock draft average ranking. Too cool to click on that image, but want a teaser? Here's an excerpt . . . and yes, you can cross reference the draft position of YOUR FAVORITE TEAM . JPG with the players who draft scouts think could be available there! This is super useful!

NBA Draft 2015 Concensus Mock Visualization 5 21 2015 - First Round EXCERPT

As always, my 60 players mock draft will come out later on today, and a full look at the first and second round consensus as well. There are some very interesting surprises! #staywoke