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NBA Draft 2016: Utah Jazz elect to trade #42 draft pick to the Brooklyn Nets for #55 and cash

Get excited!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz elected not to pick anyone with the #42 spot in the 2016 NBA Draft, despite there being, you know, players there. Instead they have traded the #42 pick to the Brooklyn Nets for the #55 pick and cash according to Yahoo! Sports / The Vertical guru Adrian Wojnarowski.

Like I said, there were some good players on the board still. Zhou Qi of China could be a solid draft and stash. But there were actually guys the team worked out as well. Gary Payton II, Michael Gbinije, Jarrod Uthoff. Perhaps Dennis Lindsey and crew thought that these players were not worth the #42 spot, or that they could be had later on. Or, even more daring, that somehow the #52 #55 and #60 were the key to the playoffs, as opposed to the #42 #52 and #60?

I honestly do not know. I'm not part of the Jazz inner circle. But hey, now we really know why they didn't have a draft party. They couldn't even move up to get a good player in the end of the 1st round; but were able to avoid picking a rotation player when they fell to them in the 2nd. It's an exciting night for all Utah Jazz fans all over the world.

We'll see what we trade the #52 pick for. Perhaps the #57? It's a good deal. The Nets did select Isaiah Whitehead with the pick, for what it is worth. The Seton Hall guard will do well in a no-pressure situation like Brooklyn.

EDIT: The Utah Jazz selected Marcus Paige with the #55 draft pick -- and the reflection of this move the dump the #42 should include the appreciation of adding Paige's sharpshooting.