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NBA Draft 2016: Utah Jazz select Tyrone Wallace from California as the last pick of the draft

Another point guard?

John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz decided against any "draft and stash" players this year and used all three of their remaining NBA Draft Picks. With the #42th they traded it and later on selected Marcus Paige #55. With their #52 pick they had selected Joel Bolomboy three spots earlier. And now with the #60 spot they went with Tyrone Wallace. When we were previewing this draft the idea that the #42 could be a rotation player came out, as well as the idea that #52 could be a warm body, and #60 should be where you swing for the fences. The Utah Jazz went with a more conservative approach here in selecting Wallace, a Senior from Cal who is already 22 years old. (Point of direct comparison, Trey Burke is 23 years old.)

Wallace is another big point guard, he is 6'6 in shoes and has a 6'9.50" wingspan -- that's what we already measure in Dante Exum, and that wingspan is only 0.50" longer than that of the much shorter George Hill. Wallace is not really remarkable but he has a defensive potential with his length. He's even longer than Marcus Paige and could be even more deadly.

One thing he does not have is the three point shot that Paige has. His play making is similar, but Wallace is more of an All-Around player, as evidenced by his Senior season statline of 15.3 ppg, 5.3 rpg, 4.4 apg, 1.0 spg, and 0.4 bpg. He isn't a shooter, bricking from everywhere. (Career values of .415 .292 .613) This makes me immediately think of Rajon Rondo. That's not really swinging from the fences though when you know he's not Rondo.

He is a basketball player though.

He is now the billionth point guard on the team right now. Dante Exum, George Hill, Raul Neto, and Trey Burke have contracts for next season that are on the books. Shelvin Mack does not, but he has a non-guaranteed deal that become guaranteed in about two weeks. Utah holds the draft rights to 2015 #42 pick Olivier Hanlan, and also earlier in this draft the 2016 #55 Marcus Paige. The selection of Wallace makes him now the 8th.

Something's gotta give.