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Reaction: Utah Jazz trade Trey Lyles for Donovan Mitchell


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The Utah Jazz have officially moved Trey Lyles and the #24 pick to Denver for their #13 pick, Donovan Mitchell.

My initial reaction:

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Donovan Mitchell is a rich man’s combo guard coming out of the University of Louisville. You may at first notice his small height (6’3’’), but soon afterward you should regard his massive wingspan (6’10’’). He has elite physical measurements, great athleticism, and a whole lot more to love about him. Donovan will be a nightmare on defense with his length, and with the intense defensive mentality that impressed the Jazz during his pre-draft workouts.

Mitchell is the perfect player to be slotted next to our other combo guard Dante Exum, and could potentially allow us to switch like the Warriors on defense. Utah Jazz General Manager—and White Wizard of the Northwest Division—Dennis Lindsey, has spoken!

There aren’t many better possible scenarios for the Utah Jazz in the 2017 NBA Draft than this. Trey Lyles was obviously falling out of the team’s plans, as he had an abysmal 2016-2017 season, entirely falling out of the rotation behind Boris Diaw of all people. Salvaging our losses, and coming out with a fantastic prospect at the #13 pick is genius if I have ever seen it. We must have some great ties to Denver, last time we dealt with them we ended up with Rudy Gobert. Hopefully Donovan is another foundational piece on the Jazz for years to come.

What does this mean for Gordon Hayward? It continues to prove that the Jazz are willing to do what it takes to add high-level talent to this team. Whatever the future may be with Alec Burks, we aren’t taking any risks in making sure the team has enough depth to play at a consistently high level. Chalk this up as another point to Utah in the race for H20.

I am at a loss for words, so here is the DraftExpress scouting video of Donovan Mitchell. Get HYPED:

Ed. Note: WOOOO!