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Reaction: Utah Jazz trade picks for Tony Bradley

Lindsey is making his move! Again!

The Utah Jazz made another move, this time with the Los Angeles Lakers to snatch up UNC’s Tony Bradley before any other team (*ahem* San Antonio Spurs* could get it. Per Woj:

The Utah Jazz already have a 1st rounder (and on the book contract) in Mitchell, but look to be okay with adding another - and moved up again in the first to get the player they wanted in Bradley. This is an aggressive Lindsey we haven’t seen in a few seasons when he moved up for Trey Burke, Rudy Gobert, and Raul Neto back in 2013.

Bradley isn’t more than just a “we like this guy” move; he’s actually a legit player that other teams wanted as well. Why did they want him? Well, for starters, the 6’11 bigman is only 19 years old and knows how to do the dirty work. He moves without the ball and is a good target for penetrating guards.

Furthermore, he’s a beast on the offensive glass. Also, while some worry about his ability to play big minutes he doesn’t have to do that — he just has to play enough to make sure Rudy Gobert is not in foul trouble, not tired, and ready to finish games and/or playoff series.

I’m optimistic that he’s going to be a rotation player, and not just with the Salt Lake City Stars. Just maybe not in 2017-2018. But again, he’s only 19.

Going to LA will be the #30 and the #42, which are, not good picks to have.

#TakeNote !