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With the 4th pick in the 2020 NBA Disney Draft, the Utah Jazz select Maui

Demi-God of the Wind and Sea, Hero of Men, and Stretch Four of Quin Snyder’s dreams

With every NBA team going to the Magic Kingdom—we hope it’s magic with the COVID19 outbreak down there—SB Nation blogs decided to have our very own Disney Character draft. We were to draft for need with our teams. Here at SLC Dunk we know we’re trying to fill the gap that Bojan Bogdanovic left with his injury and hole that has not really been filled since Derrick Favor was traded to New Orleans. Looking at the draft board, Robin Hood, Jiminy Cricket, and Simba were all taken from the board. Which left Utah with their dream selection.

  1. Milwaukee Bucks - Brew Hoop - Robin Hood
  2. Houston Rockets - The Dream Shake - Jiminy Cricket
  3. New Orleans Pelicans - The Bird Writes - Simba
  4. Utah Jazz - SLC Dunk - Maui
  5. Miami Heat Hot Hot Hoops - Beast
  6. Washington Wizards - Bullets Forever - Mickey Mouse
  7. Los Angeles Lakers - Silver Screen and Roll - Genie from Aladdin
  8. Sacramento Kings - Sactown Royalty - Hercules
  9. Phoenix Suns - Bright Side Of The Sun - Tarzan
  10. Brooklyn Nets - NetsDaily - Moana
  11. Oklahoma City Thunder - Welcome to Loud City - James P. Sullivan
  12. Orlando Magic - Orlando Pinstriped Post - Peter Pan
  13. San Antonio Spurs - Pounding The Rock - EVE (a.k.a. Eva)
  14. Toronto Raptors - Raptors HQ- Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
  15. Los Angeles Clippers - Clips Nation- Elastigirl
  16. Denver Nuggets - Denver Stiffs - Mr. Incredible
  17. Portland Trail Blazers - Blazer’s Edge - Mufasa
  18. Memphis Grizzlies - Grizzly Bear Blues - Elsa
  19. Philadelphia 76ers - Liberty Ballers Air - Bud
  20. Boston Celtics - Celtics Blog - Yen Sid
  21. Dallas Mavericks - Mavs Moneyball - Kronk
  22. Indiana Pacers - Indy Cornrows - Trusty

The Utah Jazz select Maui, Demi-God of the Wind and Sea, Hero of Men, and stretch four of Quin Snyder’s dreams.

Maui? Are you kidding me? A shapeshifter fell this far?

Surprised the Pelicans couldn’t get over the worries about his size and mobility. Need someone to guard the perimeter? Boom. Shapeshift. Need switch onto a wing? Boom. Shapeshift. Need someone to take over in the paint? Boom. Shapeshift. AGAIN. This guy is the total package and sure to be a hit knowing Utah’s connection with the Polynesian islands.

Even better we know that a player’s steals rate is the biggest indicator of success for a player moving onto the NBA AND MAUI CAN STEAL. Fire from the gods? Stolen. Snatched an island out of the sea. Poked away the Heart of Te Fiti.

This guy can be THE ROCK of your franchise. Easy selection.