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With the 40th Pick of the NBA Draft, the Jazz select Jared Butler

The Jazz get NBA-ready national champion Jared Butler

Baylor v Gonzaga Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

When the Utah jazz traded down at 30, Jazz fans were shocked. Crazy amount of talent was still available - Jared Butler, Miles McBride, JT Thor, and others were still on the board. It looks like this move paid off big time:

Jared Butler was not predicted to fall beyond pick number 25. Per our draft preview:

For example, Butler was rated as high as #11 by Hollinger of the Athletic. It was absolutely shocking to see him available at #30, and then slide all the way to #40, and he’s likely the biggest draft night steal the Jazz have had in recent memory based on pre-draft predictions. Tony Jones even mentioned that the Jazz were heavily interested in Butler and were hesitant to trade that #30 pick.

Butler was the leading scorer on the NCAA championship Baylor team, ahead of #9 pick Davion Mitchell while still shooting 41.6% from three (78% from the free throw line, vs. Mitchells’ 44.7% and 64.1% respectively) and being whole two years younger. He’ll fit amazingly into the Jazz offense with his spot up ability:

He’s also very solid defender for his size, with a huge 3.7% steal percentage on his season in addition to an outstanding 1.3% block percentage for a small guard playing the two. That steal percentage was the highest of any prospect in his draft cycle. What an amazing pick and draft-day move by the Jazz to trade down and still get a mid-first round talent.

Welcome Jared Butler to the Jazz!