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Interesting quotes from Utah Jazz end of season interviews

A lot of insight from the end of season interviews for the Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz v Sacramento Kings Photo by Loren Elliott/Getty Images

With the season over the media was able to interview the Utah Jazz team and coaches. Here are some of the most interesting quotes.

Will Hardy wants Walker Kessler to get stronger, not necessarily bigger.

Kessler had a fantastic rookie season but, just like all rookies, there were times he had some tough matchups to learn from. One of those matchups was the end of season matchup against Brook Lopez who dominated the matchup. Adding strength while keeping his surprising athleticism would help with matchups like this next season.

Who is playing summer league?

This makes sense and allows Ochai Agbaji to show what he improves on this offseason. Hardy also mentioned wanting Agbaji to expand his game. With the flashes he showed as the season went on, there’s no reason to think that he can’t.

The Jazz want to improve their defense this offseason

It’s nice to see a Jazz team that’s aware of their weaknesses and wants to improve on them. That type of self awareness was absent with the former head coach and Dennis Lindsey that is now a part of what the Jazz do. The question is, how do the Jazz improve on that. Will it be through the draft, free agency, or by trade? We’ll find out soon.

The Jazz will pick up Kelly Olynyk’s option

Olynyk was an integral part of the Jazz’s season with his locker room presence and his unselfish style of play. Olynyk plays with infectious intensity and moves the ball on offense which contributed to one of the best offenses in the league at times this season. Bringing him on to the team is a no-brainer.

Most Jazz draft workouts will not be made available to media and we won’t know when workouts are happening

This makes a lot of sense and it’s another smart adjustment by the team to find every competitive advantage they can moving forward. Being higher in the lottery in such a good draft means they have a chance to get a great player and there’s no way the Jazz want to help out any of the dumber teams before or after them with any sort of intel.