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Important dates for the 2023 NBA Offseason

The NBA Lottery and the NBA Draft are coming up, but when are they?

2022 NBA Draft Photo by David L. Nemec/NBAE via Getty Images

With the NBA regular season over, the teams not in the playoffs are gearing up for the most important dates this offseason, including the NBA Lottery and NBA draft. Along with that, there are dates for Summer League, Free Agency, and everything else to keep in mind. Here are the most important dates to look forward to.

Important Dates

May 16: NBA Draft Lottery

June 12: NBA Draft early entry withdrawal date

June 22: NBA Draft

July 6: NBA Free Agency begins

July 3,5,6: Salt Lake City Summer League

July 7-July 17: Las Vegas Summer League

October 24: Regular Season Begins

What’s interesting about the upcoming season is that it may be just 80 games rather than 82 games if the in-season tournament is approved.

We’ll see how the in-season tournament affects this upcoming season but you can bet teams with depth are going to have an advantage with all the additional games. The Utah Jazz will have a large influx of youth to mix in with an all-star in Lauri Markkanen. The biggest thing that could change the Jazz’s season is the upcoming lottery and if they can win. If they do, it changes everything for them.