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Anthony Black is having a workout with the Utah Jazz

Another draft prospect visits Utah for a workout

2023 NBA Draft Combine Portraits Photo by Brian Sevald/NBAE via Getty Images

According to Anthony Black’s Instagram, he is in Salt Lake City and is presumably at a workout with the Utah Jazz.

Anthony Black Instagram

With the Utah Jazz keeping things quiet with their workouts, it sure is nice that prospects are letting everyone know when they are in town. Anthony Black is a player that is almost assuredly going in the top ten, and it’s seeming more and more possible that he could fall to the Jazz. It’s a good sign for Utah that he’s here and working out for them, mainly because it means he’s fine with being drafted here, something that couldn’t be said for some prospects in the past.

Black brings a lot to the table as a prospect with this fantastic defense and impressive passing, all wrapped up in his 6’7” frame.

If Black comes into the workout and shoots the ball well, something teams are likely wondering about, it could do a lot for him to be drafted by the Jazz.

Whatever happens, it’s clear the Jazz have interest, and Black is a player that very well could have his name called when the Jazz are on the clock at #9.