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All the latest 2023 NBA Draft Rumors that include the Utah Jazz

There are a lot of rumors going round and it’s hard to keep up with everything

2023 NBA Combine Photo by Kamil Krzaczynski/NBAE via Getty Images

With the NBA Draft just a few days away, there’s a lot of draft buzz out there and there are rumors swirling about the Utah Jazz right and left. With the draft just days away all of these should come with a disclaimer that they could just be smokescreens, so take everything with a grain of salt. That said, let’s dive in and just believe everything we hear, shall we? Here are all the latest rumors including the Jazz as the draft gets closer.

The Jazz are very interested in Anthony Black

The Jazz are likely to take Anthony Black at 9, if he’s there.

According to Jonathan Wasserman, Anthony Black is likely not going to last beyond #9.

From Wasserman:

While a Bradley Beal trade could throw a wrench into the Washington Wizards draft, rival teams don’t believe they pass on Anthony Black at No. 8. Regardless, he’s expected to be off the board by the time the Dallas Mavericks pick at No. 10, whether it’s to Washington or the Utah Jazz.

On top of this report of the Jazz being the floor for Black, it appears the Jazz like Black so much, they’re looking to trade up to get him so that he’s not taken at 8.

The Jazz like Anthony Black enough that they’re wanting to trade up to get him

According to Jake Fischer, the Jazz like Anthony Black enough that they’ve been making calls to Detroit at 5 and Indiana at 7 to make the pick before the Wizards.

From Fischer:

The Pistons are deliberating a final group of prospects at the fifth position, where Detroit could still find someone available later in the lottery whom the Pistons would have happily chosen at No. 5. Utah has been in contact with the Pistons about trading up from Nos. 9 and 16, according to league sources, with rival teams of the belief the Jazz are searching to get above Washington’s eighth pick in order to select Arkansas guard Anthony Black. Utah has also contacted Indiana about trading into the seventh selection, sources said. But the Jazz may need to trade above Orlando — or find a trade with the Magic at No. 6 — to secure a chance at Black.

This would fit with the rumor before that the Jazz and Wizards both like Black and, if this rumor is true and if the Jazz want him, they’re going to have to trade up past the Wizards. The question for this is, does 9 and 16 get them to 5 with Detroit? Probably not. It might be enough to get them to 7. But that means they might miss out on him if the Orlando Magic pick him at 6.

The Jazz also appear to like Jarace Walker

On a recent segment, Jonathan Givony of ESPN mentioned the Utah Jazz as possibly try to trade up for the #5 pick from #9 for Jarace Walker.

This is where you have to wonder if the Jazz are playing some sort of game. Are they trying to get Anthony Black picked before them so they can take Black? Are they trying to get either one? Maybe if Detroit doesn’t make a trade with them, whoever they pick maybe leaves them with the other with a trade to Indiana? Indiana is rumored to be possibly trading out of their pick and also like Taylor Hendricks. Perhaps the Jazz are trying to manufacture some chaos here because there’s a real scenario where Walker could fall to the Jazz based off all these rumors. If Detroit Cam Whitmore at 5 and Orlando takes Ausar Thompson, Indiana takes Taylor Hendricks, and Washington takes Anthony Black. In that scenario the Jazz don’t have to make any sort of move and come away with One of the guys they really like. But this takes us to one of the biggest buzzes lately, that Cam Whitmore might fall.

The Jazz also like Cam Whitmore, and he might just fall to #9

According to multiple rumors like Jonathan Givony’s video above, Cam Whitmore is starting to sound like he may fall.

It’s sounding like there are a few reasons that Whitmore may fall. The first is that he’s had some bad workouts for teams where things didn’t go as well as he’d like. The other is a report from Jonathan Wasserman that teams are flagging Cam Whitmore with a yellow flag for injury concerns. In his running mock draft, he has the Jazz taking Cam Whitmore outright at #9.

From Wasserman:

There have been some concerns over Whitmore’s medicals, which could cause a few teams to pass in the mid-lottery, per sources. This could be an opportunity for the Jazz or others to buy low on an 18-year-old who showed no signs of any injury affecting his explosiveness during the season. The Jazz are also expected to be explore different trade possibilities with three first-round picks.

Danny Ainge and Justin Zanik are putting in a lot of work and it’s hard to keep up, but we’ll certainly try!