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Taylor Hendricks will be doing a pre-draft workout with the Utah Jazz soon

A big thanks to the Pacers who are giving us all this draft workout intel

UCF v Cincinnati Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

According to Taylor Hendricks, he has a workout lined up with the Utah Jazz along with the Detroit Pistons, Dallas Mavericks, and Oklahoma City Thunder.

Hendricks, who was shown in an Indiana Pacers social media video, looked every bit the lottery prospect he’s projected to be with his size, athleticism, and shooting. The question for the Jazz is, will they want Hendricks if he’s there at 9, and is he someone they want to build around for the future?

For those who haven’t followed, Hendricks was a revelation for UCF and showed an elite 3pt stroke with impressive defensive chops. His ability to defend at his size, with that shooting ability, makes it easy to understand why he’s such a highly touted prospect. The question is, will he be anything more than an elite role player? For the Jazz, who are picking at 9, that might be the best they can ask for. There are prospects with more upside that will likely be available, but will they want to go with the safer, higher floor player like Taylor Hendricks? We’ll find out soon.