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NBA Free Agency 2013: Utah Jazz, Golden State Warriors, Denver Nuggets complete Megadeal

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz, Denver Nuggets, and Golden State Warriors completed the "Mega-deal". It was a number of sign and trades that turned into, well, this:

What the Utah Jazz got:

Player Pos Age From To $ Yr
Andris Biedrins C 27 GSW UTA $9,000,000 1
Richard Jefferson FG 33 GSW UTA $11,046,000 1
Brandon Rush GF 27 GSW UTA $4,000,000 1
GSW 2014 1st Rounder (Unprotected) -- -- GSW UTA
GSW 2017 1st Rounder (Unprotected) -- -- GSW UTA
GSW 2016 2nd Rounder -- -- GSW UTA
GSW 2017 2nd Rounder -- -- GSW UTA
DEN 2018 2nd Rounder -- -- DEN UTA

What the Denver Nuggets got:

Player Pos Age From To $ Yr
Randy Foye G 29 UTA DEN $9,000,000 3
Trade Exception -- -- GSW DEN - $12,000,000 1
GSW 2018 2nd Rounder -- -- GSW DEN

What the Golden State Warriors got:

Player Pos Age From To $ Yr
Andre Iguodala GF 29 DEN GSW $48,000,000 4
Kevin Murphy GF 23 UTA GSW ?? ??

Please note that "Future Cash" will probably be compatible with our future credit / bitcoin / whatevers in the year 4000. Or whenever we'll use it. I don't know. I do know that it's Brandon Rush's birthday later on this week, and he'll turn 28.

I think this series of moves is "okay" for every team. Golden State gets the best player, signs him for $12 per, for four years, and still gets to keep their midlevel to use this year. Denver, who would have lost the best player for nothing, ends up getting a hefty trade exception, a draft pick, and immediately uses it to get a wing that they need. As for the Jazz, well, it's a pretty interesting deal. So let's go to the mouths of horses themselves to find things out:

Yep. Well, Lindsey continues:

So it's nice that DL gets it, where as the guy at the wheel last year was happy to stay mediocre.

Overall, this move gives us players, gives us more assets for the future, and doesn't bog us down. All three teams did okay for what they are trying to do. Who do you think "won" this trade?