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NBA Free Agency 2013: DeMarre Carroll to sign with Atlanta Hawks, 2 years, $5 million

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Kevin C. Cox

DeMarre Carroll, the energy guy who hustled hard the last two seasons for the Utah Jazz, has decided to sign with the Atlanta Hawks for a 2 year deal, worth $5 million dollars.

Carroll is working towards being a Bruce Bowen type of player. We now call them 3 and D players, guys who can lock the other team's better players up and stretch the defense with their outside shooting prowess. Carroll spent a lot of time this off-season doing charity work promoting the Jazz; but he also spent time in the gym working on his jumper. It's sad that we will not get a chance to see him hoist threes for the Jazz this year.

He's a hungry young player who has all the effort and tenacity in the world, where he frequently got us extra possessions with his grit and grind. Every good team needs a guy like Carroll, and he will be missed.

I will never forget how hard he played in the 4th quarter of our last playoff game, a close out game at home. He looked like he was one of the only guys who gave a damn out there. And that endeared him to me.

Carroll gets a big raise with this contract, and he earned it.

I wish him all the best and know that so many Jazz fans will miss him. I know our team will miss him. His energy got results. And he's as a Jerry Sloan type of player as we've had over the last few seasons (not-named Paul Millsap)

It is exciting that with the Hawks he'll get a chance to wear his dreads free again.

So that's going to be awesome to watch!

Go raise hell as the JYD of Atlanta!