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NBA Free Agency 2013: Earl Watson to sign with Portland Trail Blazers for 1 year at vet minimum


Earl Watson has been with the Utah Jazz for a few seasons now. He's played with Deron Williams and Andrei Kirilenko under coach Jerry Sloan. And he's played with Mo Williams under Tyrone Corbin. He's seen a lot of change, and he's seen a lot over the course of his 12 year, 19k minute career. And now his career takes him back up to the Pacific Northwest to suit up for the Portland Trail Blazers -- where he'll be a great vet and help mold their younger guards Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum.

Here are the tweets:

We're going to miss you Earl. And I can't wait to see you back after your playing days are over as an assistant coach for player development. Everyone respects you and remembers your finer moments -- as a part of S.W.A.R.M., and being the guy who taught our young pups that it was okay to have a little bit more of that big dog out on the court. Derrick Favors doesn't body slam Dirk Nowitzki last season if Earl didn't slap the ball out of his hand two seasons ago.

Thanks for all you did here Earl. You will be missed!