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NBA Free Agency 2013: Slim Pickings at point guard

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

A few weeks ago I asked on twitter about who the Utah Jazz should add to the team via free agency (or trade for) to fill out whatever needs we may have at the point guard spot. This happened after drafting Trey Burke and after Earl Watson signed with the Trail Blazers. Since this time we have added John Lucas III, found out we can't bring over Raul Neto this year, and also swooped in and stole Ian Clark (SG stroke with PG size) from the Warriors.

Our roster is now at 13, but I still am less than okay with fielding 2 points guards and 2 shooting guards who can play point guard. Waaay back in the 12 man rotation days the Jazz doctrine was always to have on their roster 3 full-time point guards. Holding onto that legacy doesn't seem dumb at all when current rosters can be up to 15 men deep. I'd be cool with signing another PG, even if that means less time at PG for JL3. (Somehow I'll find the will to survive)

When I asked who we should add, this was your answer! I've also included the status of these players since the weeks have gone by.

Player Votes Status Team
Jamaal Tinsley 7 available
Chauncey Billups 7 signed with Pistons
John Lucas III 5 signed with Jazz
Raul Neto 3 not available Spain
Gary Neal 3 signed with Bucks
Nate Robinson 3 signed with Nuggets
Luke Ridnour 3 traded to Bucks
D.J. Augustin 2 signed with Raptors
Alec Burks 2 on team Jazz
Andre Miller 2 on contract with Nuggets
John Stockton 2 retired
Sebastian Telfair 1 available
Mo Williams 1 available
Jerel McNeal 1 available
Beno Udrih 1 available
Kendall Marshall 1 on contract with Suns
A.J. Price 1 available
Will Bynum 1 signed with Pistons
Kyle Weaver 1 available
Matthew Delavadova 1 available
Aaron Brooks 1 signed with Rockets
Derek Fisher 1 signed with Thunder
Jeff Teague 1 re-signed Hawks
Rodrigue Beaubois 1 available
Jimmer Fredette 1 on contract with Kings
Derrick Harper 1 "You go live in Utah"
Ronnie Price 1 signed with Magic
Jason Hart 1 retired
John Crotty 1 retired

This leaves slim pickings indeed if we want to go with another PG. Which is fine, because we were not trying to sign a starter -- just add insurance on the bench. Funny, three of the guys were three of the four PGs Kevin O'Connor had brought in to be PGs for us as the season went on last year. Funny, three of those four guys don't have jobs this year. (Again, were we tanking LAST year?)

I guess the only remaining guys I would even look at are the guys from our team last year + Beaubois and Beno.