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NBA Free Agency 2014 Rumors: Gordon Hayward may be getting large offer from the Cleveland Cavaliers


Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's NBA guru Marc Stein just tweeted this piece of information.

So what we have here is that in addition to the Utah Jazz, and the information Jody gave us about the Boston Celtics and Phoenix Suns (story here), it seems like the Cleveland Cavaliers are thinking of throwing down the gauntlet for Gordon Hayward.

This makes sense because . . .

. . . because the Cleveland Cavaliers are in no way getting LeBron James back. James is going to stick with the Miami Heat, and the Cavs will have money to spend as a result. Pairing Hayward with their young group would be great because he can fit in, and play and guard multiple positions. Additionally, he wouldn't have to be "the man", and that would confirm what a lot of Jazz fans feel, that perhaps he would be one of the best Scottie Pippen type players out there -- but he needs to be on a team that has a top dog already. Cleveland has that.

This doesn't make sense because . . .

. . . hold on, didn't they just draft Andrew Wiggins? Why would they need another wing player, and one making max-ish money? Also, Cleveland is a dump. Furthermore, the Jazz have been floating out the idea that they'll match whatever offer there is, so why hold up your money in a game of chicken against a franchise that already stole Carlos Boozer from you?

Likelihood: 2 / 10

There's a possibility that the Cavs would offer Hayward a big deal like this. But ultimately I don't think it will be big enough to dissuade the Jazz from matching. Of course, you can't use logic against a crazy person. And few are crazier than the Cavaliers.