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NBA Free Agency 2014: Utah Jazz free agent player movement tracker

The month is half over, who is winning and who is losing?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

One of the challenges that the 2013-2014 Utah Jazz faced was the fact that there were so many free agents on the roster. Of course, one of the challenges that the 2012-2013 team faced was the fact that there were so many new players on the roster. And of course, one of the challenges that the 2011-2012 team faced was that there were so many guys in contract years on the roster. Narratives aside, every team has a normative amount of roster turn over to worry about -- the Miami Heat went to the finals last season with a team of guys on expiring deals. I don't think a team of professionals can really use this excuse.

Still, the Jazz had a number of players last season who were going to be hitting the market in July. Some hit the ground running, eliciting interest from a number of teams. Others hit the ground without the parachute opening up at all. That is to say, they hit the ground with a thud.


Gordon Hayward was a big news item for a while up until LeBron James made his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers public. G-Time was receiving significant interest from a few clubs, ended up signing an offer with the Charlotte Hornets, one that the Jazz would later match. Among the legion of players who have non-guaranteed contracts for next season, the Jazz shipped off Diante Garrett to the Toronto Raptors (aka, the Wall in Game of Thrones), where he is waiting to be waived (executed). He did just score 60 pts in some Milwaukee pro league. Some team will pick him up.

This brings us to our unrestricted free agents . . . and the only two guys who have signed on with a team in the NBA are Richard Jefferson, who will sign for the minimum with the Dallas Mavericks; and Marvin Williams, who will sign for two seasons at the rate of $7 million per and play in Charlotte.

The rest of the crew is still pretty much up in the air. Mike Harris is going to (or is currently?) playing in Puerto Rico. Jamaal Tinsley is in talks to play in Italy. Malcolm Thomas, Ian Clark, and Erik Murphy are all playing on the Jazz Summer League team in Las Vegas right now.

And well, what about John Lucas III and Brandon Rush? Oh, don't worry about them.

They'll be fine.

If you are going to worry about someone, I'd worry about Andris Biedrins . Anyone know if he's okay? I hope he's okay.

As for the scoreboard, yes, Gordon Hayward is winning. Marvin Williams surprised a lot of people (including myself) for getting $7m on his next contract. A bigger surprise is that Richard Jefferson found a home -- I guess Dallas needs to save some money somewhere. One year for the vet minimum seems like a steal for a starting quality small forward. But let's not pretend that he actually is that right now.

More free agency posts coming up tomorrow, including a few on Marvin and RJ. Hope this tides you all over for now.